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4 Secrets to Modelling Magnetism

Discover how I represent myself in a way that captivates and shows up with authenticity, charm, and resonance.

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Four Secrets to Modelling Magnetism

Hello, world! Let me walk you through a day in my modelling life, where it isn’t just about the shine; but about the grind behind the scenes that makes the shine possible.

Sweat and Sparkles: My Everyday Hustle

Every photo you see is a story of hard work. It’s the hustle that starts before sunrise and stretches beyond sunset. I’m up before the first coffee brew, hitting the gym, because my body is my instrument and I tune it with the discipline of an athlete. Each shoot, each show, is a marathon and I’m in it to win it.

Glowing Inside Out: Self-Care Beyond Skin Deep

But hey, it’s not all sweat! Taking care of myself is my top priority. This means healthy eats, vitamins and minerals, plenty of water, and a skincare routine that’s as thorough as my rehearsals. This self-love isn’t vanity; it’s sanity. It’s what keeps me camera-ready and glowing, inside and out.

All In: Why Commitment is My Middle Name

You see the final picture, but behind it is my commitment. It’s not just showing up for the shoot; it’s bringing my best self every single time. It’s diving into each project, whether it’s a high-fashion shoot or a commercial gig, with all I’ve got. This industry is my passion, and I’m all in, every day.

The Punctual Pro: On Time, Every Time

And let’s talk about punctuality – it’s not old-fashioned, it’s essential. Being on time means respect for everyone’s effort on set, and it sets the tone for the day. I’m there when I say I’ll be, because in a world of maybes, I’m a definite.

So there you have it. This isn’t just a job; it’s a craft, and I’m honing it every day. I’m living my dream with open eyes, working my way through the sparkle and the struggle. Here’s to making every moment count!

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Meet Jo Tout: A Fusion of Fashion and Heart

Hello! I’m Jo Tout

I’m here to bring a splash of professionalism and elegance to your world. As an experienced model with a global footprint, I focus on creating moments that resonate with the brands I work with.

Modelling for me is about expressing stories and embodying emotions the brand wants their target audience to feel.

My friends know me as someone who adds depth to every gathering. I deeply care about the people in my life, nurturing these connections with the same dedication I give to my craft.

I also have a passion for psychology and nutrition, which isn’t just a personal pursuit; it’s a reflection of my belief in nurturing the complete person—mind, body, and soul. I integrate these elements into my life, believing in the power of a healthy mind and body to enhance my professional performance.

When you work with me, you’re gaining a collaborator who brings your vision to life with a personal touch. 

I am a mother to two wonderful boys, based in Nelson, and bring a unique perspective to my work, available for projects nationwide.

Let’s create something beautifully unforgettable together that will make an impact you’re seeking.

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